3D Shapes

I used this video in one of my last lessons. I was a little concerned that it may be a little “young” for my year 6 students, however, I was pleasantly surprised. They absolutely loved it, they were singing along by the end of it which awesome. It also stopped my mentor teacher in her tracks and she really enjoyed it also. She then said afterwards that the students needed to do a public speaking task and some students may want to choose that “rap” to do. So it turned out to be a fantastic and fun resource for the students and potentially something the teacher may also be able to access at a later date.


Returning from prac and found some great resources

It’s been interesting to read through the different posts after everyone is finishing up their pracs.  It’s also nice to see the collaboration continue and the sharing of resources.   I especially loved reading this blog, and reading through all the different resources found.  

I too found some fantastic resources while on prac, one being the Behind the News (BTN) Website.  This one hadn’t even dawned on me, until another friend who was teaching similar topics made the suggestion.  And upon further investigation I found this fantastic video which explores a lot of the concepts connected with federation.  The great thing about the video, was the actors who star in the video are all children, my students thoroughly enjoyed viewing this video and it was a great introduction to the lesson to begin some great discussions.

Google Plus as a networking platform

Wow, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged, have I forgotten how?  Surely not.  It’s been a busy few weeks to say the least.  A couple of weeks ago my uncle sent me a link to a group on Google + which I thought I would share here as I believe it could be useful for networking.  The group is called Google Educator Group (GEG) based in Brisbane and meet regularly, there is a heavy emphasis on technology which is even better.  I was not overly familiar with Google +, but from what I can figure, it is very similar to Facebook and is basically a form of social media.  It’s handy as it is connected with Google mail/gmail so we already have one of these through uni, so it makes for easy accessibilty.  Anyway, decide for yourselves check it out and see what you think 🙂

Meeting my Mentor!!!!

I’m super excited to be getting to meet my mentor teacher this afternoon and then I get the opportunity to spend some time with the class on Wednesday which will be awesome, couldn’t be happier.  I have a grade 6 class, the highest I’ve ever had! What always concerns me with the older grades is my content knowledge.  So in preparation I checked out the schools website which has a unit overview for the term and a brief description of what they will be learning for each learning area.  This helped me to be able to narrow down what I need to be researching.  I’ve also been emailing with the teacher and she’s said she would like me to teach history, also a bonus because I’ve bee doing the History subject this semester so I can put some of that knowledge into practice.  

So I began searching around and remembered others had mentioned how helpful Australian Curriculum Lessons had been, and true to other students word I found some great stuff to start with that I can adapt and build upon.  There was a link to another website also called Lesson Planet which I also found really helpful and I’ve also gone back to the TES website too!

All will be invaluable!! Well, wish me luck this afternoon and good luck to you all with your planning and preparation 🙂

Cyber smart :)



I really quite enjoyed working through these modules and was quite surprised that I had a lot of the foundation knowledge already.  I was surprised that the statistics weren’t higher to be honest, because as an adult and a big user of the internet and social media I see the nastiness the internet can bring out in people.

One thing I did find interesting was that the studies show that parents are encouraging the use of social media sites, and that the legal age is only 13.  I think children of this age do not have the skills, awareness and capacity to operate in an online community.  More importantly I think if they are navigating in an online environment, they are clearly not being taught how to act, what’s appropriate, safety surrounding internet use and the impact of their actions on others.  As a parent, I am adamant that my children are not to have a facebook page until I see fit.  I think children have enough to deal with, without opening up to an online world of so many other issues. 

As a teacher however, I am not sure how I will deal with this if my students are avid users of social media.  I think I would endeavour to equip them with skills which are required, as well as modelling to them the appropriate behaviour for an online environment.  A good example of this was the facebook photo a teacher circulated to show students how quickly a photo can be seen by thousands if not millions of people, I discussed this in an earlier post.

I really enjoyed the model which discussed a whole school approach to cyber safety by allowing parents and families to assist with design of a policy to allow some ownership over policy.  After all schools have an educative role within the community so this could be utilised as an opportunity to increase community awareness.  I also like how they recommended creating expectations based upon the foundational policy and encouraging families to implement boundaries in the home to allow for a whole community effort to create awareness about cyber safety.  I liked how they said teachers viewed this as sometimes an imposition, however they encourage teachers to see it as an invitation instead.  Teachers are after all the educators in the community and often have insight that other people don’t.  As I’ve heard a few times recently it’s about the mindset!

I thought it was great that the cybersmart website offers so many resources for teaching and learning that could be implemented into lessons for the classroom.


Education Queensland – NEED TO KNOW INFO about Portfolio and employment!

I thought I’d go trawling through the USQ website tonight to try and find some more information about different professional development sessions that might be available and things like that.  I went to one last year about the Teacher Education Centre of Excellence which is a program which you apply for in your third year to undertake in your final year.  You are generally assigned to a mentor teacher for the whole year, pracs as well and you are able to attend a lot of professional development also.

I also found a presentation about job availability, interview process and a few other things, which I found on the Education community presentations for 2014 and was put together by the Teach team from Department of Education, Employment and Training (DETE).  I also didn’t realise that there is a Make a difference. Teach website which has a lot of information on it!  About the transition of grade 7 to high school and employment opportunities, it also has information about your portfolio and what should be included so thought I’d share 🙂


Today in the lecture it was brought to light the issue of reblogging.  Due to being in my own little bubble over the last week I had missed this until this morning.  This evening I thought I’d catch up on some blogs after completing more of the learning path and having some interesting things to blog about.  As I was scrolling through the recent posts I came across David’s blog post about reblogging and had a read.  Firstly can I say, I love the way David addresses issues as they are raised!!  He investigates them, has formulated statistics, broken those statistics down even further for those of us who struggle with that (I’m referring to myself HA!) and then provides all of this information to us.  So thank you David!  

It was interesting to see how the conversation developed today and the different perspectives on reblogging.  I was more inclined to lean on the side of good faith, maybe these students didn’t do this with deceptive intentions, clearly the optimist in me coming out.  I have never reblogged, I’ve always just created links, I guess because I’m comfortable and familiar with this.  My argument today was, if people are concerned about having their blogs “plagiarised” and I do use the term loosely, then as with making a link to another students blog, don’t you have to “approve” the reblogging of the post?  I could be wrong, this is an assumption on my behalf as I’ve never reblogged and I’m unsure of the process I just guessed it would be similar to that of making links.  Let’s assume I’m right (for the sake of humoring me if nothing else), then we could just not “approve” the reblog?

After all the controversy I’m definitely steering clear of reblogging, but I do hope the people that have done so, have done it not knowing that it would benefit them and lessen their workload.  Rather, just to share and engage with other students. 

Just my opinion, that’s all 🙂